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Points to Support Runway extension to 1750m

It will provide:

  • Benefits for the whole of Guernsey PLC.
    Runway Extension to 1750m & associated works will provide work for the Construction and Business industry.
  • Max extension of only circa 120m is required to the existing runway + a grass RESA. Runway would need overlaying on full length to increase asphalt PCN, however Aprons are already at sufficient strength to accommodate heavier aircraft.
  • Increased safety for aircraft operators – particularly those requiring shorter take-off and landing distances. Full recommended length RESA at Eastern end would be provided as part of these improvements (240m compared to 198m).
  • Increased revenue from Aircraft Diversions as Airport with 1750m runway would be a suitable diversion point for Jersey adding also to safety.
  • Reduced maintenance cost for Aurigny and other operators due reduced heavy landings and heavy braking.
  • Increased revenue for airlines and airport due existing aircraft being able to operate with increased loads without fuel and weight penalty.
  • Increased revenue as potential for triangular routes with Jersey with runway length compatible with Jersey.
  • Increased income if Navigation Fees were charged.
  • Increase benefits reducing travel delays enabling larger aircraft to visit to help clear back logs quicker after fog closure.
  • 1750m runway for take-off and landings in both directions will remove uncertainties for airlines caused by having to use the 1453/1583m runway, and therefore increase connectivity, reduce delays, increase potential and subsequently increase income to Guernsey.
  • Increased revenue for airlines and airport due existing aircraft being able to operate to destinations further afield without fuel and weight penalty.
  • Increase revenue as 1750mm runway available from both ends will secure the summer and off season continental charters.
  • Reduced aircraft operating costs and noise levels enabling use by the New Generation of Regional aircraft with economies such as circa 30% fuel reduction and emissions,
  • Increased airport landing and parking fees due more flights as a 1750m runway will provide this potential growth – (If same number of flights then income would be static. Ability to use a larger aircraft could reduce fixed airport landing charges if fewer aircraft operate. Flybe /Aurigny Gatwick example for example).
  • Increase income Passenger Tax through Airport Terminal
  • Increase future proofing opening up for interested airlines in the future
  • Corporate Aircraft will be able to operate both with Private or Public CofA without fuel and weight penalty.
  • Corporate Aircraft of certain types not able to operate off present runway will be able to operate both with Private or Public CofA.
  • Better connectivity all round will increase travel to and from the island for locals, business and tourism.
  • Increase in business meetings in Guernsey providing further income (a result of a longer runway enabling wider range of destinations to operate directly into Guernsey, rather than via somewhere else).
  • Increase in Airline operators and aircraft types improving potential for reduced aircraft fairs (Assuming government agrees).
  • Increase travel providing, increased income for the airlines
  • Increased revenue for all businesses due better connectivity
  • Increased revenue for Aurigny Ground Handling
  • Increased revenue for Airport retails outlets on the basis of more passengers travelling.
  • Increased revenue for Airport car parks on the basis of more passengers travelling.
  • Increased revenue for Aircraft Servicing (Guernsey) Ltd Flight Support and Aiglle Flight Support
  • Increased revenue for Aircraft Servicing (Guernsey) Ltd aircraft maintenance.
  • Increased revenue for aviation support businesses
  • Increased revenue for Aviation Fuel sales
  • Increased revenue in Duty Free sales
  • Increased revenue for Taxi drivers and coach operators on the basis of more passengers travelling.
  • Increased revenue for Hire Cars on the basis of more passengers travelling.
  • Increased revenue for vehicle petrol sales
  • Increased revenue from increased Aircraft registration and ownership change visits.
  • Increased revenue for Hotels & Tourism
  • Increased revenue Hospitality business
  • Increased revenue for Castle Cornet, and other tourist related places
  • Increased revenue for Town Retails outlets
  • Increased revenue for restaurants
  • Increased revenue for Advocates, Accountants and Fiduciary
  • Increased revenue for Herm & Sark day trips
  • Increased Income Tax take to increased income all round.
  • Increase in States Income due increased take on Duty etc.
  • Increase in income from increased insurances
  • Increase in Jobs available
  • Increase revenue for large percentage of island businesses
  • Increase potential for most of the island.
  • Increase potential for the Building Industry
  • Increase in members for organisations such as GIBA, CGi, IoD, Chamber of Commerce, Young Business Group etc
  • Increase potential for increase in air freight, and income it provides.
  • Increased revenue for Guernsey’s 2-REG aircraft register (Aircraft registration fees; Aircrew licensing and medical fees including validating ICAO licences; Premium fees for out of sequence personalised registration letters; Fees for importation of aircraft into Europe; Company registration fees and annual company fees; Income tax from new businesses created; Aircraft insurance premium tax (replacing the insurance premium tax charged in the UK); Increased utilisation of existing hangarage space; Fee income from overseas organisations to oversee registration, maintenance and inspection of new Guernsey registered aircraft.
  • Guernsey businesses would also benefit financially from: Increased maintenance and inspection income; Aircraft insurance premiums; Aircraft sales commission; Consultancy fees for importation of aircraft into Europe; Banking fees on loans for aircraft financing; Pilot shop sales of aircraft equipment e.g. dinghies, life jackets, instruments; NAV equipment etc; Company formation and accountancy fees; Aviation training fees for the FAA/Channel Islands licences.

Runway Extension Letter from President Martyn Dorey to States Deputies


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