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Guernsey Chamber of Commerce is a company limited by guarantee and serves to meet the needs of present-day Island businesses.

With over 600 active members we represent a large portion of the Island’s business community. Chamber’s structure comprises an elected council, some of whom will chair a sub-committee which focuses on a particular area i.e. transport, planning or tax. His Excellency the Lieutenant – Governor is our Patron.

Our Council members receive no remuneration and act on a purely voluntary basis. Day to day control of Chamber is supervised by the Executive Management committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Honorary Treasurer and the Secretariat. The Secretariat consists of a Director and Secretaries who enact the requirements of the Executive and above all serve you, the membership. Chamber aims to be constructive in its approach to developing business in the Bailiwick. Although reactionary to specific issues as they arise, it aims to be proactive in looking for business opportunities and assisting members in areas that affect their business.

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Most importantly Chamber is the property of its members. The President calls upon all members to challenge Chamber to remain a true voice of its members and the business community of the Island.


The Chamber office provides a diverse range of services and information.

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Founded 1808

Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, established in December 1808, is over 200 years old and may fairly be considered as one of the oldest Chambers in existence in the world. Whilst Guernsey has been immersed in commerce since prehistoric times, Guernsey Chamber of Commerce was formally established in December 1808 by Daniel De Lisle Brock who later became the Bailiff of Guernsey. It is therefore over 200 years old and is one of the oldest Chambers in the world. The Chamber was originally formed to stop smuggling which was robbing the British Exchequer of much needed revenue to fund the war against France. With smuggling and other illicit trade; robbing the British exchequer of revenue it strove to suppress such activities. British laws in 1805 and 1807 threatened to interfere with the ancient privileges and freedoms of Guernsey. As a result the Guernsey Merchants and the States decided to administer self-policing rather than submit to the interference of the external British power. Accordingly, on 16th December 1808 in the Market Place, with Deputy Daniel Delisle Brock as chairman, it was resolved to found a Guernsey Chamber of Commerce with a committee appointed to frame the rules.

Original Objectives

Initially the objectives were to watch over and preserve the commercial advantages and privileges enjoyed by the Island; collect all laws and orders in council that affect trade and procure information useful to merchants; to submit regulations and ordinances to the Royal Court for matters concerning the harbour, roads and pilotage and to give aid and protection to traders and inhabitants; to prevent abuse from strangers who came here with stolen goods or to defraud their creditors which not only injure the regular trader but give an undeservedly bad name to the Island.

By striving to adhere to Chamber of Commerce principles attempts to revive illegal trade would be prevented. New channels of fair commerce would be opened to the industry and enterprise of the Island’s inhabitants. Representations by united respectable merchants and traders for fair and honourable purposes would be attended to and granted as extensions of trade without injury to the interests of the Mother Country.

Commemorative Brochure

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The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce acts as a passionate representative voice; encapsulating industry areas that affect us all.

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The Young Business Group was formed 50 years ago by the Chamber of Commerce.

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