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Martyn Dorey

Finance, Legal and Tax Subgroup

Martyn Dorey, Group Head

Martyn Dorey has over 18 years’ industry experience and has been involved in Chamber getting to grips with Guernsey’s tax and demographic challenges and is active in promoting growth and innovation in the finance, tax and legal sectors.

About the Finance, Legal and Tax Subgroup

To identify and promote strategies to develop a sustainable, welcoming finance tax and legal environment for all the island’s businesses to flourish. To represent industry where we feel we can do more to steer policy and enhance the sustainable, judicious governance of our island’s limited resources.


  • To flex the group’s priorities in line with the prevailing economic conditions
  • To promote the lowering of overall tax take is essential to stimulate growth and savings
  • To pursue growth at sufficient and acceptable risk is a priority in the current low inflation, low growth environment
  • To encourage businesses to take sufficient risk to develop new offerings and explore their bolder visions
  • To stimulate ideas and actively listen to members regarding any problems, what they see as good strategies to promote growth, and what we can do to help
  • To maintain good relations with all the industrial bodies in the island
  • To promote policy to reduce structural risks by doing more to attract young talent to the island


  • To hold at least one meeting a year with commerce and employment, Treasury and Resources, GFSC, GIBA and GIFA
  • To hold at least 25 meetings with members or exceed this information flow
  • To introduce or enable at least one piece of industrial innovation to the sector a year
  • To support and promote legislation to promote crowd funding and cryptocurrencies which will deliver new financing opportunities to smaller businesses
  • To continue to work on crowd sourcing legislation as a source of innovation and identify and promote other new technologies that could sharpen legislative efficiency giving the island a unique edge

Growth is a core priority for the island at present as well as ensuring we are doing all we can to attract and retain talent to the island.

Finance, Legal and Tax Subgroup Members

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