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St Peter Port, Guernsey

Guernsey has for a long time had many international trade links and a highly regarded worldwide reputation. Initially this was established by the Romans and developed further by local merchants who were ideally placed to trade between the great powers of France and England during the 1600’s. This tradition has extended into the modern day from tomato and flower exports to the offshore financial centre.

Whilst the Finance Sector is a large contributor to the GDP for the island, there are many other service and trading companies that are established in Guernsey as a base, which can be of use to an overseas entrepreneur, and it is this broad wealth of expertise that Chamber can draw on to assist those wishing to trade inwardly or establish outward trading opportunities. With its broad base of membership, Chamber is willing to make introductions to its members in a wide range of disciplines to those entrepreneurs wishing to establish contacts in Guernsey. These can range from estate agents to assist with finding factory or office accommodation to accountants, lawyers, logistic managers and IT support, all available and willing to assist.

Chamber can help with everything to set up a business and get the processes rolling forward.

Alternatively, if the outside party is looking for business developers on the island to assist with distribution of product or ideas through franchises or agencies, then Chamber can point them towards groups of members who have expertise in these fields and would be willing to consider these opportunities in detail.

For Chamber members, who are looking internationally, Chamber can assist them by putting them in touch with appropriate contacts through the Chamber network in the jurisdictions of their choice to help them locate suitable business partners to expand their businesses overseas.

Chamber is not just about local business and ideas; it is also a gateway to the international markets.


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